Magic Duel Festival Records: Volume 2

Category Two: RPC Promotions

And now onto happier news.

There were, of course, players given the honor of becoming RPCs during this festival. These people were:

– Loreroot group
– Writer medal
– +5k Max Vital Energy
– +1 Heat slot
– Spells: openlore x 5, givevital x 20, boostbriskness LVL2 x 50, boostdefence x 30, enteroaktower x 30
– Tag: Moon Knight
– Custom description: The Champion of the Moon: a thing of evil turned to the path of love. A servitor, a speaker, and a defender of the soft light that shines in darkness.
– Dreamcatcher
– 10 Wish Points to give as rewards

– Archives group
– +10k Max Value Points, +10k Max Vital Energy
– Spells: earfocus x30,
– Tag: The Metal Mage
– Custom description: A half-dwarf who has spent his life learning the mysteries of metals and gems, and can smith weapons, armor, and magic jewlery in exchnage of a wishpoint. Dojo Staff.
– Ability to create items for anyone by converting one wishpoint into an unique item. Creation of items by this character is limited to a certain type, he can create only items out of metal, gems and a bit of leather, for items with more ingredients you need to provide the raw materials but even so it might be too dificult.
– 5 Wish Points to give as rewards

– Spells: acousticremains x50, Enter/Exit Sage Keep x30, attacklock LVL 3 x 70
– Tag: Keeper of the Peace
– Custom description: She mediates between players when serious problems occur trying to mediate conflicts. Nymph of seas, rivers, lakes and fountains. Banished from her home by those who rebelled against her Assembly of Peace.

– +10k ve, +10k vp
– Abilities related to bob the tree
– Undisclosed (no he is not blooming the tree!) secret spell x2
– Other Spells: guardianarmy x30, turntofrog x20, weather-mildrain x10, acousticremainsx5
– Tag: Guardian of Bob
– Custom description: He doesn’t really have goals being the lazy sense obsessed guy that he is, except to find out the truth about the thing on his arm. He takes it upon himself to protect Bob the Tree after having had to save him from being burned down before.

.Je Suis Oeufs Fous.
– +10k ve, +10k vp
– Several archivists spells and administrative access granted.
– The rulership of the archives was assigned to him and .Pamplemousse.
– Tag: Master Archivist
– Custom description: A teacher, a guide,and a curator. As a Master Archivist he oversees the Archives and other Archivists with a gentle, but firm touch.

– +10k ve, +10k vp
– Several archivists spells and administrative access granted.
– The rulership of the archives was assigned to her and .Je Suis Oeufs Fous.
– Tag: Master Archivist
– Custom description: Master Archivist who inspires and assists with the writing of the Realm. Organizes the Archives and delegates tasks to trusted members of her alliance.

– Golemus group.
– His actions in this realm are well known, his role unchanged.
– As ruler of the MR he can decide who is worthy of having that name prefix and who not.
– Protector of Golemus with several abilities and spells to support it.
– Tag: Protector of Golemus and Leader of the MR’s
– Custom description: A true leader, bound by honor to unite all those that have the MR name, Protector of his homeland Golemus Golemicarum.

.Logan Marquis.
– Loreroot group.
– +10k Ve, +10k Vp
– Spells: 20x boostbriskness, 10x toadspeak, 10x mirrorritual, 2x permanentvit, 40x randomactionp (gives or takes random action points, unstable), 20x randomluck (changes luck).
– Tag: The Embers of Fate
– Custom description: Researching ways to persuade Fate to change the destinies of those he loves and cares for. His flames manifest from his unbridled passion and love for his friends.

Her role as an Artisans guild member continues.
– Spells: 20x teleport_oakfort, 2x openlore, 5x acousticremains, 10x weather-heavyrain, 15x boostbriskness LVL2, 5x givevital, 5x chase_kalamanirakol, 10x massiveboost (gives 20% of caster stats to target).
– Tag: Twilight Nymph of the Oak Fort
– Custom description: An Elven woman, bound to the Oak Fort forever, with a veiled future. Continually searching for answers to her past, she wields the elements of nature and commutes with Elven spirits to find her lost memories.

– loreroot group
– Ability to create items in exchange of wishpoints. Creation of items by this character is limited to a certain type, he can create only items out of animal/creature parts and animal representations, worship figurines, symbolic wood and stone animal statues, bone sculptures, etc. No weapons or supranatural/enchanted items. Because of ability involving wishpoints, max wishpoints reward limited to 5 instead of 10.
– Tag: unreleased
– Custom description: unreleased

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