Magic Duel Festival Records: Volume 2

Category One: RPC Demotions

First the bad before the good.

The following RPC characters were removed from the RPC List during the festival for inactivity.

.Speaker for the Dead.
.Morgana Le Fey.

Removing/demoting an RPC means that the characters have lost all their spells and access to RPC interface/abilities, and now no longer appear on the rpc list. Their tag and descriptions have been changed accordingly but not entirely removed. The demoted RPC’s are free to continue play as a PWR but will have to fight hard to get its RPC position again during future festivals.

This was not a penalty it was just a cleanup of the inactive RPC’s.

During the second half of the festival .Renavoid. retired from his role as an RPC.
.Shoeps. also retired from his role as GM and RPC during this period.

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