3rd Annual MagicDuel Awards

Superlative Orator

The Superlative Orator award was given to the player who debated best and most often.

2010 winner: Awiiya

“I have a speech prepared mentally, as it seems most words that come out impromptu feel a tad more personalized to the moment.

If anyone has visited me in the north, in my small nook by the side of the road to the MagicDuel Archives, they will have likely encountered two awful habits. One is that I’m horrendously disagreeable. If you say something, there’s a high chance that I won’t agree with it. The second is that I’m vocal about my opinions, so if I disagree, I’ll let you know. These two habits combine to form a maelstrom of debate, and I rely a good deal on the good-natured responses of the person I’m talking with, Handy Pockets being the most agreeable I’ve found thus far. Judging by the fact that I have won this award, I’m guessing that a good portion of you know all this already, but sometimes reiteration is refreshing. So, this disagreeable and vocal tree would like to thank those who found fun in talking and discussing and never stopped chopping me down, no matter how many times I’ve said the words, “Are you sure?””


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