3rd Annual MagicDuel Awards

Most Influential

The Most Influential award was given to most influential player.

2010 winner: Awiiya

“Thank you, thank you. I do, of course, have a speech bouncing around in my head as it is my habit to talk. Often too much.

I had the pleasure, this year, of counting the votes, and while it was an exciting and thrilling process, it also meant that I had to think for weeks about what I was to say to all of you.

If I am to be perfectly honest, there are so many people, and their spheres of influence so powerful, it seems hardly fair that one person can win. Fair is hardly the nature of life, though, and if I could make it so that all of the people who deserved it, all of you would be the proud recipient of this award.

Because that’s the truth–if I have influenced or inspired any of you, you have yourselves to thank. So give yourself a pat on the back. This relationship is wonderfully symbiotic. As all truly longlasting relationships in nature, this tree has you to thank for the moisture in my roots and the heat in my canopy. I hope my shade may grow vast as the years go by, soaking up what is offered and bearing fruit for those who tend me in equal measure.

That is all.”


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