Year 9 Anniversary – Opening Speech Day 1

*Chewett*:Welcome one and all
*Chewett*:Today is the
*Chewett*:MD’s 9th Birthday
*Chewett*:We have a lot of things planned
*Chewett*:And many more things unplanned
*Chewett*:Im frantically writing a load of announcements, and coding things.
*Chewett*:But, Today we are in Loreroot, Thanks to Mya and Sunfire and the rest of the gang.
*Chewett*:Loreroot has had a very colourful past, many leaders, schisms and groups have grown and died here.
*Chewett*:Now, In this birthday time, It is for us to look forward to the future and remember our past.
*Chewett*:This is the theme of the first MD quest.
*Chewett*:Our friends should be remembered, and If we do not write down this information, it will be lost.
*Chewett*:Now, The archivists have a new archives site that will hopefully revealed some time later in the week.
*Chewett*:The first quest shall involve remembering someone dear to you, or someone you never knew.
*Chewett*:Find some information about someone, some thing, anything. And write about it.
*Chewett*:Some great deeds of a person, some power struggle, anything.
*Chewett*:You have a limit of 500 words, but we dont expect anyone to write more than that.
*Chewett*:You will have until at the end of the festival to finish this off
*Chewett*:Bonus points if you talk to Innocence, get an account and post it as a draft on the archives site
*Chewett*:The best written piece, most interesting, fun colourful piece of history.
*Chewett*:Questions can be asked on the forum topic that doesnt exist
*Chewett*:An announcement will be posted once a forum topic exists
*Chewett*:Prefereably before my keyboard explodes into fire
*Chewett*:I shall leave you for ~10 minutes while I organise some things.
*Chewett*:Im sure LR has some announcements they want to make 🙂
*Sunfire*:we are preparing some quests and hope they will be ready for later today
*Sunfire*:and if my schedule permits it i will give a guided tour through the forest, probably around 21-22 st starting
*Chewett*:Ideally that would be anonunced sunfire, if thats going ahead 🙂
*Sunfire*:well thats from me for now, so i wish you a wonderful time in Loreroot in MDs 9th birthday!
*Sunfire*:it depends on my availability that i will only know shortly before beginning
*Sunfire*:but if you want ill send it to you as soon as i can

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