Lost Lorerootian Knot


It seems unthinkable for those who’ve just come to our world, but in the old days, Loreroot was the land that was the most “alive.”. Different groups, different thoughts, conflicts, action–Loreroot had the most energy, energy that was misguided for the most part, and the source of some troubles from time to time.

Because of it being misguided, a thought appeared in the minds of many: it would be for the best if Loreroot was calmed. (rather than helping to guide its energy)

The first and only King of Loreroot (at the point of this text being written), when the monarchies were introduced into all mainlands, was Firsanthalas. Firsanthalas was a very good friend of Yrthilian, King of Golemus Golemicarum, who happened to be an enemy of the Lorerootian state in its recent past at that point.

Compromises were glorified; the struggle felt so tiring for the most.

There are certain people who were affiliated with Loreroot that seem to recall Firsanthalas’ reign as the good days, days of stability, while it is that same stability (of decay) that is wrong with Loreroot today.

This compulsive need for tranquility, of oneness of thought in Loreroot, lead toward the disbanding of the Savelites Church alliance, the result of the alliance’s unsynchronization of thought with the king. Some time after that, the Children of the Eclipse was lost when it was disbanded by an infliltrator. Loreroot finally remained only for the Guardians of the Root and they were relatively silent.

The word “losing” in “losing alliances” was not understood.

Loreroot has the gift of being the land of the free; as a land, Loreroot does not have to worry about limitations or be afraid to deviate from ‘the path,’ unlike Marind Bell and Necrovion. It is a tragedy that Loreroot will weep of its rich past, lingering in its current numbness, while tangible hope remains with no attempt to be touched.

The crossroads of philosophies, ideas, ways of living life, is what keeps us progressing.

The story of Loreroot is very important beyond the borders of the green mainland, too, because it can be a parallel to MagicDuel itself.

Loreroot is not the only land that is having the problems with inactivity (both physical and spiritual); it is affecting the whole realm, and one of the factors is surely the need for the understanding of the direction of things to be the same to all.

Both Loreroot, and MagicDuel as a whole, must learn and never forget that the beauty of things derives not only from unity in variety, but also from variety in unity.


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