Order by Chaos

Order by Chaos

Managing an online game such as MagicDuel allowed me to discover certain similarities between the real world and a virtual world, things that are more clear for me here, as i am sure they are clear for people behind the curtains that run the BIG show called real life. This is will be just a short note on the things i learn from all this and i mainly write it down because i am in one of those moods when i want to share things with all the beautiful minds that will read this.

I will not go now in conspiracy theories and things like that, it’s not my purpose with this article to point out things that might be obvious for some or unbelievable for others. I just want to speak about one single part that i like to call Order by Chaos.

The whole world we live in is very similar to this virtual community, in a way. Over the time i tried to change certain things in an attempt to filter out the things i didn’t want to happen in the games virtual world, but i also realised the striking similarities with the outside world, the political system and the society in general.

RPC characters in-game started to become a ruling elite, people exploited the system just for the fun of it, creativity found a way to manifest itself even without the needed tools, people trusted with power abused it and so on…all of this are normal things to happen in any society, especially in a forming one like here.

Trying to overcome certain logic problems with the game i realised the flaws of such a society and most important i realised that these flaws are mirrored in the real world. In the game i try to fix them and it leads to a strange political pattern, and i started to think what could be the resemblance between the world pattern and the things happening here.

If you would allow me to use big words i would say that the world is a big flawed game, totally out of balance … and you will probably say it’s not true, because everything seems to work so fine, we have laws , politics, social structure and all…..on a smaller scale we have this also in the game, until you realise that it has flaws that are big enough to ruin it, yet it keeps on going.

How do you achieve order in all this then?

2 Comments on “Order by Chaos

  1. Amazing insight. Fantastic reading and very educational. I highly recommend this article to all thinking beings!

  2. Amazing!
    What you said about the financial crisis, wars, etc…
    The Maya’s said that after 2012 there will be a ‘golden age’
    Nostradamus’ prophecies ended in 2012…
    What about chaos will end in 2012… and there will be back balance? Just a guess… Time will tell…

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