Order by Chaos

Out of the system

All systems are made to be broken 🙂
In fact, some of the most capable cheaters in this game are now part of the staff and are helping me to better understand it. Do you think that because i build this game i fully understand it? no. To build the tools for creating a world does not mean you are capable of using them yourself or that you understand the result of your creation.

I am just an observer and i learn from what i see here.

As i studied the reasons and actions of cheaters in the game i realised a lot of similarities with things that happen in rl, but i also realised some things that happen in-game but apparently don’t happen in real life …or at least that was that i first thought.

An invisible planet is a planet that can be proven mathematically that it exists based on the influences it has on the nearby planets. Even if you can not see it, you know it’s there.
After thinking more about this, i realised i was looking at such a planet, only it was happening in the ruling pattern of the real world.

Controlling when the chaos happens is the key of achieving a perfect order and an apparently balanced system.

I dare to say i understood a lot of things about the recent global financial crisis, or the recent wars, all from the perspective of the controlled chaos, i almost feel like starting to bid on the stock market :)))

enough said.

2 Comments on “Order by Chaos

  1. Amazing insight. Fantastic reading and very educational. I highly recommend this article to all thinking beings!

  2. Amazing!
    What you said about the financial crisis, wars, etc…
    The Maya’s said that after 2012 there will be a ‘golden age’
    Nostradamus’ prophecies ended in 2012…
    What about chaos will end in 2012… and there will be back balance? Just a guess… Time will tell…

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