King Bull Finds a Path

I was once in the alliance of the Necrovion Sentinels, and during my time there I did many things. I was loyal to Khalazdad,
and I carried out his orders with no question.

The day Phrog was killed, I was the one to stay and tend the fire which burned him. I threw wood on the fire for hours and
when it died down, I took his bones and ground them to dust and burned them some more. I danced around the fire without a care and when the fire had died down again I fed the ashes to my Grasans.

Before Khalazdad left, he ordered me to keep watch on SageWoman and to protect her. Specifically from what, I did not know. I only knew that I was to protect her from any harm. As Khalazdad had ordered, I followed her for seven days, helping her when she needed help and seeing no harm came to her.

During this time, we learned of Khalazdad the White. Khalazdad told the Sentinels that the White was killing him; that the White must be die. Another Sentinel and I took it upon ourselves to devise a plan to kill the White while I was still guarding SageWoman.

Soon after, I realized that Khalazdad was deceiving me. Khalazdad is a very smart man, and he is also not a liar, but he is rather manipulative. This is when I decided to leave the Necrovion alliance, and now I have seen the light. I have left the Necrovion alliance and have repented for my errors. My soul is new. I have a new life.

So now I continue on my mission of helping others and guarding them from harm.

At the altar called Fenth’s Press, I was giving sacrifice and praying to the gods when a strange bright light appeared. It was a very bright blinding light, and I heard a voice coming from within it. This voice was strong and powerful, and I knew this must be the Gods speaking to me, so I was not afraid.

I felt a warmth and a feeling of calm washed over me. I became so relaxed that I could not move. Still I had no fear as the voice said to me, “You who have been chosen, Body Guard to all living things and will pass our word to all as the Messenger to the Gods. You who are the messenger shall be our Messiah!”

Body Guard of all living things…

Thus I become The Body Guard pledging to guard all living things, and Messiah, Messenger for the Gods.

Written by King Bull
Edited by Wynken Vanaril

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