What is a TechnoMage?

What is a TechnoMage?

Well this is a subject I have been meaning to write about for some time. I am sure there will be many pages on this subject and the experiments I have done. First you need to understand the concept of what a TechnoMage does.

The art of a Technomage is to combine Magic with Technology. This can be almost anything from a simple trinket to a large weapon. The Idea may seem simple but this can be a long and difficult task. There is much required in order to create such items and a great deal of power is needed too.

For example, you may already have heard of my experiment in creating my Amulet. Well the use of this amulet is to get me back into my home land but there is much I need to create such an item. For example what principles are needed to be bound to the amulet in order to teleport me from where I am into Golemus. Well there is more than one principle that could be used to do this and you will need to understand them all to figure this out.

The next step is to create the amulet now there are many that will argue this part of the process but for me I will be using magic to mould the amulet. You could of course get a blacksmith to create such an item. But you will also need to make sure you use the right materials.

For now this is where I will stop. I will of course write about several of my experiments that I start and I will at some point start teaching the methods but for now this is where I will keep my knowledge stored

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