Order by Chaos

A Different Ballance

The answer is Chaos. You can sustain order and maintain balance in a flawed system by adding chaos. Chaos is a natural step in the evolution of an unbalanced/flawed system. If you manage to find a way to feed it to that system under a controlled way, you will manage to cancel its natural occurrence and by that to create the illusion of a stable, perpetual system.

In real world you see this all over you, a world without chaos from time to time would be a stable, boring world, that would eventually shift in one direction leading eventually again to..chaos. Terrorism is both a natural occurrence but also the needed chaos that some superpowers add to their playground to better control it.

The whole system balance, both real world and game world could be depicted as a virtual balance with heavy stones on one side and foamy lite items on the other side but plenty enough to balance the stones weight. The foamy lite items are the majority of the people and the heavy stones are the ruling elite of the world. The majority of the population ..again, be it game or real … must and does live in the illusion of a balance, while the ruling elite takes over all the unbalance. Investing money, playing with laws, it’s all unbalance, chaos controlled by a few people so that the others will “benefit” of stability. Think that all the money in the world it’s actually just a concept, an illusion, and that a big diamond is actually less valuable than a watch or a nice dinner, or that inbox is as valuable as gold if not more yet the real value of things does not matter in a world that is controlled in this way.

2 Comments on “Order by Chaos

  1. Amazing insight. Fantastic reading and very educational. I highly recommend this article to all thinking beings!

  2. Amazing!
    What you said about the financial crisis, wars, etc…
    The Maya’s said that after 2012 there will be a ‘golden age’
    Nostradamus’ prophecies ended in 2012…
    What about chaos will end in 2012… and there will be back balance? Just a guess… Time will tell…

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