Everyone Can Draw

Everyone Can Draw

I often hear the words “I can’t draw”. This comment in and of itself suggests you are placing a stopper on the possibility of your being able to draw, but more importantly what should be noticed is that all it takes is determination to succeed and with that anyone can draw, don’t limit yourself, I truly believe anyone can draw and when it comes to cartoons drawing “well” is not always “better”. Get the point across and you have succeeded. I have seen squiggle that are much more effective than beautiful curves. The witty single-framed captioned images in newspapers are not masterpieces, but they make you laugh right?

When you think about it, what is drawing? Think of the world in front of you as 2D when you look at it when you are thinking about sketching. Put a series of lines together in a particular way and you have a sketch, a form. Everyone can draw a line, now you just need to understand how to put the puzzle pieces in place in order to achieve what you want. Creating carbon copies of images by freehand taught me the basics of the positioning of lines on paper. It showed me the answers to the puzzles. It’s a good way to learn. I cannot stress enough just how useful this is for teaching yourself how to draw.

As with any medium, there are various types of cartoon, and each cartoonist has their own style. You can usually recognise an individual’s work. There are of course some standard ideas. Here I will give you some basic examples. It should be mentioned that in cartoons proportions and accuracy are an unnecessary annoyance. You don’t have to adhere to those rules if you don’t want to it doesn’t matter. What matters is getting the impression you want across.

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  1. Very good article…

    I can say I’m not very good at drawing, but your article gives good tips and examples to anyone who wants to start drawing but doesn’t know how to start it…


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