Little Victories

I wrote this poem late last night because I was unable to sleep.
I wrote it because over the last few weeks I have noticed that there has been very little good news, not just amongst people I know, I mean in general.
This poem was written so that it might inspire people to stop and look at things that they might not otherwise have noticed.

For all the little victories
For rude words in the dictionary
For all those who can’t help but feel
downtrodden by life’s drudgerous heel.

For getting in as the rain begins
For ridding yourself of needles and pins
For lying in for five more mins
For all daily life’s tiny wins.

For the first time living in University halls
For getting one up on anonymous calls
For people who have names like ‘Ed Balls’
(UK Secretary of state for families schools and children)
For these things they may seem so small.

For things that get you through the day
For things that start to go your way
Or even those that went astray
All these things will be okay.

For those who understand what I mean
No matter how small a win may seem
A win’s a win from what I’ve seen
Chalk the losses to experience then wipe the slate clean.

For all of you who brought umbrellas
For the car who soaked the other fella
For extra cash from automated tellers
For ‘Town called Malice’ sung just like Paul Weller.

For throwing rubbish across the room at the bin
Whether you missed or if it went in
Enjoying yourself is hardly a sin
So put in the effort and go for the win.

For those try not to be negative
Even life has dealt you a laxative
For those who force themselves to be active
For those who get a change in perspective

For those who found time to be a child
For youth not lost, it’s just misfiled
For those who choose to go wild
And for those who stay so mild

For those of you I’ve managed to inspire
for those burnt out who’ve rekindled the fire.
For the personal rat race that comes down to the wire
For those with the dream and those with desire.

For those who try to think positively
For trying to find revelry
In life’s little victories
Those rude words in the dictionary.

3 Comments on “Little Victories

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    The fact that I managed to reach one person, just one, means that I’ve done what I set out to do.

    It’s good to see someone else willing to think positively.


  2. Can’t believe I only just saw this. ‘Tis awesome, and makes good sense. Definitely going to reread this from time to time.


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