Seekers of Enlightenment: The Foundation

After a couple days of nothing, some people started to feel that the Angiens would not help us. Renavoid and I discussed this matter and decided that although they might not help, they would surely communicate in some way. Thus, we put effort into different ways of trying to contact them.

Morrel, along with others, decided that the Angiens needed to be contacted. We all spent a day or so releasing heat to try to contact them. We didn’t know if anything would come of it, so we waited with bated breath.

Page 130 [2008-07-16 04:08:39 – The Shade Balance – Others]
Suddenly someone screams, “Look, look there, the lights!! … white lights from the island .. its a sign! its a sign!!” Everybody swarms to their spyglasses and those who have none wait impatiently to get a look through one. The island is indeed sending out light signals. White spots of ..something ..rise from the ground heading towards the sky. “What is it??…what could it be?” Everybody starts making suppositions on the event.

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