Crimson Blade

Crimson Blade

Some History
Crimson Blade is the name of the ship built, and the pirate crew recruited, by the famous captain Cryxus, circa 2009.

Cryxus’ famous motto :

If everything I do is wrong, goddamn I do it right.

Having already built his ship and recruited a crew, he tried to setup an alliance to officially introduce pirates into MagicDuel. He wanted to set up in Golemus, for Golemus is the only land that has both access to the open sea and is able to provide a safe harbor for his ship, Storm Dock being the ideal place.

Alliance mission statement:

The Crimson Alliance will be a guild based out of Golemus, seeing as how that is the only landmass that is surrounded by water. Our job is to help whomever we see fit, for whatever price seems good. We are neither good, bad, or neutral.

Through his efforts, Mur took notice and rewarded him with special gifts.

The most important gift is the ability to permanently change a player’s country flag to a pirate flag

Ann. 746 – [2009-03-14 00:13:06 – Alpha 8]
PWR poromiotn – Cryxus – Captain of the Crimson Blade, +10k ve, +10k vp, pirateboost x50 ctuosm ailbity to cgnhae cuotnry falg to praite falg and gvie a piatre boost, 1x piratepromotion (pemrnanelty chngeas traegt cahrcaetr falg), 5x voice (alowls pbuilc paly of reocredd suo
nd), 20x movelock. ..Waht, you cna’t udnretsnad this? Sicne i hared cmolpians aoubt my tpynig, i wnaetd to pvroe you that ltetres are not that ipomrntat, so tnhik it cluod be aclaty wosre. 🙂

Cryxus made his mark in MagicDuel, like most of his crew each in  his or her own way. The Crimson Blades still live today through some of its crew, even though Cryxus has not been seen for quite some time.

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