Year 9 Anniversary – Necrovion Rulership Discussion

Curiose:The original “king” of Necrovion?
Assira the Black:Khalazdad
Kyphis:Shade Sentinel
*Mya Celestia*:There was no original king. It’s all about the shades *smirks*
Kyphis:Exactly! Shade Sentinel
*Sunfire*:true, kyph
Curiose:The sentinel is kind of tricky.
Curiose:Going over back on the forum, I came across this:
Curiose:Shade Sentinel does not belong to its people but the people belong to it. However, the Sentinel does not have direct decision power over the people and Necrovians have their free will.
Curiose:And then Mur goes on to say a human will be elected, etc.
Curiose:And originally, Khalazdad had a “dynasty.” Then I think Peace followed and Marvolo is in that lineage somewhere then Jester somewhere and… it’s all a mess.
Kyphis:Khalazdad was the first actual ruler of NC, Shade sentinel is more a force of the land
Curiose:Yeah. I knew Khal was the original ruler, but this was before Kings came into play, as in the mechanics.
Curiose:I think Jester tricked Peace from the crown? I could be wrong…
Kyphis:Peace would be the first one with that title, I belive. That or her brother.
Curiose:Peace supposedly is the “faughter’ of Khal.
Curiose:Because Khal had a dynasty. and..
Kyphis:Yes. Faughter
*Chewett*:Is this a quiz? : P
Shadowseeker:right now it’s more a history lesson
Curiose:It was a quiz, but now it’s a discussion.
lashtal:Wait.. Wasn’t Khal actually crowned by the Shade Sentinel?
Shadowseeker:he was
Shadowseeker:which is why he’s the “king”
*Sunfire*:he was rajj
Curiose:But the Sentinel is just a force of the land… I think back during the Necro rebellion a bunch of folk tried to provoke the sentinel.
Curiose:I wish someone from way back when was around. It’d be cool to listen.
Curiose:Ah, lessons from Pample….
Kyphis:Chewett, Shadowseeker, and I believe dst all fill that role
Curiose:So, the sentinel originally gave someone “power” so to speak, but it was Khal who made something of the Necrovion land, no?
*Sunfire*:they allowed him to be the ruler of the human part of necrovion
*Sunfire*:they were still his master imho

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