Year 9 Anniversary – Necrovion Rulership Discussion

Curiose:You mean, the sentinel was still the master, yes?
lashtal:I’d agree with Sunfire
Kyphis:Shade Sentinel was also in charge of the Shades (well, he IS all the shades, from memory, so…)
Curiose:Alright, that is fair.
Curiose:So the order of Necrovion rulers, would be the following? SS, Khal, Peace, (did Marvolo rule at one time?)
Kyphis: (I dont recall)
*Sunfire*: (i believe he didnt)
Curiose: (I know he had “heritage” to it, but his ties were mostly in LR, correct?)
Kyphis: (yeah, my memory says he ran, but was beaten by Peace, and then JEster got the throne)
*Sunfire*:ss, khal, peace, jester, peace, peace and azull
Curiose:That sounds like a proper timeline.
*Sunfire*:if memory serves well
Kyphis:Sounds right. Also sounds really weird when you say it out loud (seriously, do it)
*Mya Celestia*:Pamplemousse was in there with Jester
Curiose:Well, technically if we want to get technical, SS after the dethroning of Jester before Peace took over.
Curiose:Oh that is right. Peace did have some ruling power. She had some king items.
Kyphis:Peace is also currently in a leader position in NC
Curiose:And then, Jester took the items away from Pamps during the rebelion.
Shadowseeker:You need to exclude Sentinel and pample.
Azull:ss, khal, peace, jester, jester and pample, peace and azull.
Kyphis: (oh, peace AND azull, not peace AND THEN azull. silly me)
Shadowseeker:Sentinel doesn’t count as a “ruler” by the definition, they were never interested in the humans
Shadowseeker:and wasn’t pample just deputy based off jester?
Azull:then why did it form
Curiose:I don’t recall. I know she had some items that retained game mechanics.
Shadowseeker:even if she had kingship items at one point, that’s due to jester, not due to her position
Azull:meh, different discussion
Curiose:Jester stripped them when she got demoted.
Shadowseeker:yeah but that’s a subordinate relationship, not a ruler’s position
*Mya Celestia*:Is the quiz still happening?
Curiose:Didn’t she make some of the decisions, though?
Shadowseeker:…and really, you don’t know that the whole Sentinel/Wodin war was what lead to the formation of the current structure?
Kyphis:We switched to a discussion of NC politics
Curiose:The quest stopped at 10 questions to change to a new quiz questioner, but then we desolved into discussion. :p
*Sunfire*:just like azull being jesters hand
AmberRune:Now that there’s a timeline and whoever originally said who in what order has been forgotten, can we have another question?

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