Year 9 Anniversary – Necrovion Rulership Discussion

When Curiose asked a trivia question about who the original leader of the Necrovion Land was, it started a discussion about the entire span of leaders for that land.

Everyone was able to agree that the first player considered to be the King was Khalazdad, who was given the position of Rajj. However, the role of the Shade Sentinel, who is the autonomous part of the land which actually granted Khalazdad the position, was not so readily agreed upon.

After much discussion a timeline of Necrovion leadership was established. Shade Sentinel was in charge of the land before any players where given the leadership position, even though as he was essentially part of the land he was not considered to be its ruler. Khalazdad was given the position of Rajj, and founded a dynasty from his lineage. His daughter Peace was the next to take the throne, however the position of King was eventually given to Jester. After the Necrovion Rebellion which was lead by Pamplemousse, who had been given some of the kingship tools by Jester, the land was left with no leader once more. The Shade Sentinel would have been in charge of the land, however as he was currently trapped in an unknown phenomena he was not able to participate in this role, and the land had no real guidance. Eventually, Azull gained the title of King, and Peace joined him in leadership.

This brought us upto events as they stood at the time of the 9th Anniversary, so the discussion returned to further Trivia questions.

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