Understanding the Law on Lore

What is Ancient Lore?

To put it simply, Ancient Lore is stories about people that never existed, doing things that never happened, to explain the way we see and experience things in MD today.

There are a lot of different stories that fall under the category of Ancient Lore, like the tale of Marind that until Announcement 3575, every single player in MD was personally familiar with. A lot of Ancient Lore is, or has been, integrated with MD. There are also less integrated stories that fewer people know, like the tales of the friendship and rivalry between Marind Bell and Loreroot. Personal favourites of my own are the stories of how Golemus Golemicarum and Necrovion were created.

Now, you may be wondering why something that is forbidden was left integrated into MD for years after it became forbidden. That is because it served a purpose. These stories were written to guide us towards specific lessons and insights. To help us ask questions, and want to look deeper. Not all of the stories that fall under the category of Ancient Lore were asked to be written, but enough of them were that they do have value, and they should not be simply ignored, or forgotten.

Most people who are familiar with Ancient Lore recognize stories about characters such as Jack Willow or Gabriel Wind, and these are the more damaging stories that fall under the heading. Unlike other stories that were asked to be written, almost all of these stories arose separate to the images and symbols built into MD. Rather than be a way to express and illustrate the mysteries within the realm, these stories sought to explain them away – to create connections for the purpose of narrative, and to provide easy answers that excused some of the more confusing mysteries.

It is these later stories that ultimately contributed the most to getting Ancient Lore banned, and it is this final impact they have had which is why most people recognize this sort of Ancient Lore, and not other types.

3 Comments on “Understanding the Law on Lore

  1. I think there’s a misunderstanding here, story mode is not part of “ancient lore”, unlike you imply in the article.
    It is the stories that came out explaining characters from story mode, expanding their background, adding on further characters based on location names (or were the locations named after them indeed, interesting question), like Wind, Willow, Raven – that are part of ancient lore.

  2. I never caught any of that, but I have to say it’s a bit weird to read poems and scene names that talk about Willow, Wind etc and then, when asking what that’s all about, you get the ‘yeah, ancient lore, banned’.

    Why have those names and poems if so?

    There’s a scene in MDA that has the following info: “Marind was once the Queen of the land now named Marinds Bell. This remote place is oftenly used […]” I haven’t been there in a long time, but I assume the text is still there. Now, what do I make of this? Can I put it in my research files?

    If not, why not remove it altogether, since it only spreads confusion?

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