European One-handed Weapons

Katzbalger Sword.

The Katzbalger is designed to do one thing: chop.
The Katzbalger is one of most devastating sword
in close combat. It is a very solidly piece that’s
meant for dirty business.

The unique form of side arm was, the Katzbalger (Cat Fight)
is designed for the close in, hand to hand combat of a melee,
these weapons were often shorter than other broadswords
but very quick in action.
The grip and pommel are of a unique style but are very
comfortable and well suited for the style of close combat.
The leather-cove grip widens towards the pommel cap so
that is almost impossible to lose it in combat.

Measurements and Specifications:

Weight: 2 pounds, 12 ounces

Overall length: 27.75 inches

Blade length: 19 inches

Blade width: 1.88 inches

Ricasso length: 6.5 inches

Point of Balance: 3 inches from guard

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