Festival of War and Remembrance

Legends Remembrance

People older than me (more than 60 days older, when they were playing):

Deetn: he was one of the oldest players, and was the first and only one to ever reach mp8.

Ugauga: he was one of the first ever Live Help Operators and a bug tester.

Steno: he was one of the first ever LHOs and helped advertise MD.

Actraiser: he was the primary force behind the daily calendar, having provided most of the information for the dates for the first months. He was also one of the first MP6s when it was in its testing phase. He also helped with the Archives.

STF: helped with the Archives and was an LHO, much like Actraiser; he also was also one of the first MP6s when it was in its testing phase.

Omegaweapon: he was the unofficial rival of BigC, and a master assassin; he was also considered as a renegade bug tester and was like a prototype of the current dst. He also was a strong player.

BigC: he was the strongest player for a very, very long time. He was also good at researching rituals and bugs and his actions influenced the realm, especially when his character got transformed into:

Wodin Ullr: he was one of the first RPCs and he was also the founder and long-time leader of the Guerilla Golemicarum alliance. With it, he fought the Necrovion Shades with great zeal and left a legacy powerful enough to win the war. He was the strongest fighter in his day, great analyser of rituals, teacher of many, and friend to more.

Phrog: he was the Firestarter, but also a gentleman knight and helped raise quite a bit of newbies. He helped in many aspects and was an RPC.

Chewett: a very old player, and helped the game to be what it is thanks to being the almighty forum overlord. Fear his hairy feet, as they will stomp on you if you mess with the forum! Angien researcher and helped found the Seekers of Enlightenment alliance. Still plays.

Muratus del Mur: …do I even have to say it? He is the Maker, the only thing here that truly is akin to an omnipotent Creator. He made the realm. Still plays.

By the way, muur is dutch for wall, and when you call him “Wallatus del Wall,” he just smiles. So, whatever a Mur is, there is always a slight chance that it’s a wall.

You didn’t get this from me; I don’t want the inquisition at my house, because I’d never expect it.

Shoeps: he was the first and only GM, but he is infamous for being fired for misbehaving, mistreating players, and generally spewing curses.

Adi: helped Mur with setting up the realm by making clear and understandable texts as well as doing most of the poems and stories.

Valy: helped Mur with setting up the realm by making most of the pictures and scenes you see.


People slightly older, younger, or just as old as Metal Bunny (less than 60 days difference), when they were playing:

Metal Bunny: The Emperor of the Bunny Empire. I be Awesomeness. I still play.

Phlegmtheorem: he was a great puzzler and ritual fighter, and had great analyzing skills.

Sacosphilz: he basically had the same set of skills as Phlegmtheorem and both were great at solving the first riddles and were the first recipients of GG Drachorns.

Grido: he is the current boss of the LHOs and part of the Triumvirate of GG. He is engaged to Dst, but has an affair with Bubba who he met in prison. Still plays.

Jonn: he was the LHO boss before Grido and he helped with organizing and structuring many things, especially when it came to RPC organization. He was also an infamous, yet avid lover of gophers.

Yrthilian: he is the king of GG; he is a researcher and he has played an integral part in a great deal of GG’s history. Still plays.

Akasha: she is also a researcher and examined and analyzed a great deal of the Principles. Still plays.

Savelfuser: he was much like Metal Bunny, a strong player who grew up in the GG alliance under Wodin Ullr. He was part of the first Triumvirate along with Metal Bunny and Yrthilian. He left to be the first real MP6, to be a better RPC, and to manage his own church, the Savelite Church, based in Loreroot. He was good at it, having well over 100 worshipers and, combined with Metal Buny, who also had more than 100 worshippers, they had two-thirds of all the worshippers at one point in time.


Newbies, or people who are more than 60 days younger than me, when they were playing:

Nelya Setesh: she was renowned for making difficult puzzles. She also helped the Knator Commander organize the LR alliance and charged along with KC into the first war. Because the KC was only concerned with war, she became the first figurehead of Loreroot.

Calyx of Isis: she was an influential Lorerootian; she also founded and managed the first Dojo, helping newbies learning how to fight.  

Dst: she, who used to be a he, is engaged to Grido. She is currently married to Peace. She is also a great ritual analyzer and renegade bug tester as well as being good at puzzles. She, along with No one, successfully managed a coup on all the alliances during the first war. If you have any questions, ask her, she loves helping out people. Still plays.

Knator Commander: he was one of the first ever RPCs. He founded the Loreroot alliance and was its greatest fighter for a long time. He fought with zeal with Wodin against the Shades of Necrovion. Is currently retired and likes to play violin.

Khalazdad: from being a young outcast, he quickly grew to be the first servant of the Shades and was the first to go into Necrovion. He was the first King of Necrovion and he was a great and influential man who was mortally wounded at the main battle of the first war, which subsequently turned him into a half-shade, half-man after healing attempts. His favorite quote: ’Fruit flies like a banana.’

Glaistig: she was a master spy, infiltrating the Loreroot alliance under Khalazdad’s orders during the first war. She helped organize many things, such as the MD newspaper. She was the first obstinate goat.

Eden: he was the first to exceed Wodin Ullr in profile stats, and later had helped with creature testing when he served Loreroot.

Cryxus: he was a pirate. Friend to many, he helped with important items and situations in GG. He got special pirate flags.

Alche: he was a researcher of principles. Found secret things and as a result, has a street named after him.

Bootes: he was also a researcher, but of the stars and the sky. Partially thanks to him, it was noted that MD, does, in fact, have a moon, and that all of us are actually continuously burning in the daylight.

Peace: she is the adopted daughter of Khalazdad and has, at certain points in time, as part of the Khalazdad dynasty, ruled Necrovion. Was integral in GG civil war and after, when she sacrificed herself for Necrovion. Still plays.

Lifeline: he was elected King of Marind Bell and has played important roles in the past. Still plays.

Awiiya: he was a great researcher and helped with the Archives a lot. Still plays.

Renavoid: he was the first Master Archivist and helped write several Adventure Log entries. Helped test many things and had written down many more. Occasionally plays.

SmartalekRJ: he was the Drachorn Master and a strong player. Occasionally plays.

Granos: he was generally considered as an evil person, having perpetuated, been caught, and put on trial for a crime. He likes to plot and scare people. Still plays.

Rex Umbrae Killer: he helped test bugs, but then was fired as RPC for not telling how to replicate or fix them. During his trial, he was judged guilty and was stoned.

Gargant: he founded the MD Newspaper after the idea was suggested on the forum.

Udgard: he was one of the first people with the ability to create items.

Ailith: she is the Berserker Babe with the Handbag of Peace. She is noted for being friendly and helping people. She was a neutral arbiter and, as such, has helped with many disputes. Still plays.

Pamplemousse: she is the Harbinger of Doom and Citrusy Wrath, a strong player who has helped many others. She was the Master Archivist after Renavoid stepped down. Still plays.

Burns: he was a strong player and an LHO with great knowledge about rituals. He is also part of the current Triumvirate of GG and, as a student of Phrog, he is a knightly gentleman. Still plays.

Firsanthalas: he is the king of Loreroot and is the Muffin Master. He was important for the rebuilding period of Loreroot after its wars. Still plays.

No one: he was Dst’s accomplice during the masterful plot of taking over all the alliances. He is a good ritual and bug researcher. Still plays.

Amoran K Kol: she is an important Lorerootian and she was integral to the wars in which Loreroot participatd, as well as the rebuilding period after. Still plays.

Jester: he can be unpredictable, but he has been a friend and teacher; heplayed an important part in the last war of Necrovion when he was king. He was a strong player. Still plays.

Yami no Sakura: she was an early Archivist as well as the first Legend Speaker. She had quirky stories and always brought a notepad with her. Occasionally plays.

MRD: he was a student of Wodin and a very strong player. Founded the MR Fraternity and helped in some GG wars. Good researcher of rituals as well. Helped setup the Golden Globe Gazebo. Occasionally plays.

Tarquinus: he helped found the Children of the Eclipse alliance and is an important Lorerootian. He is a teacher and gentleman, as well. Still plays.

Shadowseeker: he is strong player with good knowledge about a lot of things. He bested the shade army and stalked Mur. He has knight flags. Still plays.

Zleiphneir: he is the goat protector of Bob, the lonely tree. He also was the second obstinate goat. He remains MP4, but has been influential and is a great roleplayer. He even played a Mur-assigned God role without others knowing it. Still plays.

Braiton: he was either brave, or dumb enough, to experiment with drachorns. As a result of his twisted mind, he eventually had created a mutated wind drachorn. He likes to play guitar, too.

Raven: he was an influential Lorerootian, at one point being a figurehead. He had asked for the title of Archon of Loreroot, effectively making him king. He failed due to internal pressures and the second war. He was a strong player with a great deal of knowledge.

Cutler: he was a strong player, with great knowledge of the ethereal. He had created the Astral Plane, a dimension akin to MD, in which people could wander, explore and puzzle. Still plays.

Rendril: he was the first to be chosen by Mur to help with creating and improving the realm. Still plays.

Pipstickz: he was a strong player and knowledgeable of many things. He is the only player to have been in 11 different alliances. Either everyone wants him or no one likes him after a day or two. Still plays.

Penelope Lightmoon: she, along with Tarquinus, helped create the CotE alliance and was an influential Lorerootian and was one of the very few, and one of the first, pious players.

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