Creation of the Gem of Golemus

Theise are pages taken from Yrthilian’s diary on creation of his precious amulet, the Gem of Golemus

Right now this is a comfortable spot and I should not get disturbed here. The process may seem simple but the working of the process is harder.
As they say “easier said than done.”

The basic process is as follows:

1.    —Bind the materials together to create the physical item; in this case, the amulet.

2.   —Add in the unique piece of material to bind the link to the location you wish the amulet to take you to.

3.   —Add the magic proprieties needed to make the whole thing work.

The first step is not too difficult, but does require a lot of concentration. This is why I need a location where I will not be disturbed (you could get a smith to make the amulet, but I chose to do this through magic), as I want to have no seams on the amulet, as it is for a single use only and therefore it won’t need be opened again. I also believe this will make the amulet stronger and function better.

I believe the materials one uses allows for certain magic to work in different ways. (I will explain this at another stage).

The second step is to bind the materials around the piece of the Pillars of Harmony. I picked this up when I last visited Golemus. Once all the materials are in place, it is time to start the real hard work.

The third and final step is to bind the principles to the amulet. In this case, there are five principles and one needs full concentration to get this right, as you have to use your full understanding of the principle and how they work. This is so the link will work correctly when one goes to use the amulet.

Now that we have completed the creation process we can try out the amulet.

Before I do, I want to stress that this is not a quick process; it has taken me many weeks to create the amulet. It is not as my writing seems to make it: a quick process. It also take a great amount of energy to make such an item and you need to make sure you have plenty of supplies with you as you will not get to leave your area of work while doing this, and the fact you may lose track of time.


One has to be careful to make sure to eat and drink; if you don’t, you could end up dead. There is much to do in the preparation of creating such items of power and there is much volatile magic involved.

I did not say this would be easy, and I certainly did not say it was safe. I can create such items because this is the way of my skills and what makes me a TechnoMage. I also have a better understanding of what materials I require to create items of power and what is needed to keep them running.

Also note that even though I have created my amulet to transport me back into Golemus, I still require the power to activate it. It is not just a simple case of “create it and use it.” It will also take power to run it. Lucky for me, and most of us in this world, we all have power (some have more than others).

For now this is the end of my writing on the creation of my amulet. I will be doing more writing on the materials and how they influences magic and its use. I shall name the amulet “Gem Of Golemus”

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