The Oil Stain and the Painting

The Oil Stain and the Painting
*steps in from the balcony and examines the room*
*tries to conceal her nervousness and sits down on the carpet… oooh, fluffy!*

*gets her evil smirk going on*

*clears her throat*  My story begins long ago. I should not be proud of this story, nor of the reason I went there. But I am, and it changed my life. I walked from dark to light and on the way I learned what for me may be the most important and desired knowledge and with it came a price, the curse of knowledge.Know it and you sign your death sentence. Every time I use them, they take a shard of the life I have, every time I craft a spell, every time I cast them, every time I make a potion I put a bit of me in them so that they can be complete. Every time you use them, they take scraps from your soul, depending of their purpose or how they affect you, sometime in ways you never think of. When I cast spells, I get noticed, I am found, I leave my trace in what I do, and it can’t be changed.


*lowers her eyes to the ground*
And this is what I never understood from that letter… He tried to warn me but I was blinded and left deaf and numb by the will of my writings.
*raises her eyes back to the crowd* However, this is not the story I will tell you now.
*lets a smirk swiftly flash across her face*
It was in one olden day. As I entered the Pub and began to mix the ingredients for my special coffee I came to see something I that in my memory had not been there before. Almost shying away in one of the corners of the Wizard’s painting there was a spot… well, I thought it was a spot. I came to realize it was not after several attempts of gently cleaning the painting with a tea towel. Only after the passing of more time did it don upon me that it could be a clue left by him for me.
*scans the room with her gaze*Uhm, did I forget to tell you about the Bounce?

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