Conclusion Memorial for Penelope LightMoon

Conclusion Memorial for Penelope LightMoon

Hail, friends, and thanks to you all for coming.

I wish to conclude the Lunar Festival, first event hosted by the Children of the Eclipse, talking about how we came to be here. We are here, of course, to celebrate the moon – but that is not how or why we are here. We are here because of the vision of Penelope LightMoon.

Penelope was, as many of you know, my apprentice, my lover, and my friend. I met her because I told a Seeker of Enlightenment named Meiche that I doubted our sun was really a sun at all. Penelope, she told me, thinks as you do. And it was true. Penelope and I both viewed this realm as a prison, and in many ways I still do. We debated the reality of the sun, and the meaning of the constant daylight, and in the end Penelope insisted: This world has a moon. That was a daring thing to say at the time, for there was no evidence of one.

Penelope and I set out to learn about the moon, and to prove on the basis of her fierce belief alone, that there was one. We spoke to Bootes and were discouraged. Penelope spoke to the God Muratus, however, and things changed: the God smiled on her words. So it was that Penelope and I met with Karak and another whom Penelope called “our fox” – and the Children of the Eclipse were born.

Most of you know the story of how we struggled to learn the myths, how we argued with Bootes to learn the answers, how we met with BlackThorn and Lady NelyaSetesh to become a guild of Loreroot. I will not recount all that. That is not my purpose.

I mean only to honour the memory of Penelope LightMoon, who has left this realm and very likely will never return. When you look at the sky and see the moon, remember why you see it. You see it because Penelope insisted it must be there. When you pass her sleeping body by Sage Keep, stop and pay your respects. Penelope LightMoon’s vision changed our world forever.

I miss her. I waited a long time for her to return, but she never has. I must await her in the next world, or the one after that. I carry on her work, working for the achievement of her dream, which is the guild of the Guardians of the Root known as the Children of the Eclipse.

I thank you for coming and celebrating this magical time with us in blood, battle, laughter, dance, and drink. A moment of silence, then, for Penelope Lightmoon, treyg, and the other friends I have made and lost on the way to this moment.

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