Author: Tarquinus Superbus

Conclusion Memorial for Penelope LightMoon

Conclusion Memorial for Penelope LightMoon Hail, friends, and thanks to you all for coming. I wish to conclude the Lunar Festival, first event hosted by the Children of the Eclipse, talking about how we came to be here. We are

Muratus Lecture II: Transposition

So, somehow you managed to lure me into holding an ad hoc lecture on Time. [smile] Now I got used to it and I will hold another one. At DarkPriestess’ suggestion, I will talk about the principles, one of them

Muratus Lecture III: Magic in Modern Days

<Question: so everything changes… even magic?> Are you playing with words?  Magic changes, of course.  There is traditional magic and modern magic.  People always use it, just that they find different words to name it. <Question: ok, what’s the difference

Muratus Lecture I: Space and Time

Compiled, edited, and ‘made nice’ by one among you. This lecture told us of Muratus del Mur’s views on time. He gave the caveat that his views were odd and not presented in order to have an argument. We begin