Muratus Lecture III: Magic in Modern Days

<Question: so everything changes… even magic?>
Are you playing with words?  Magic changes, of course.  There is traditional magic and modern magic.  People always use it, just that they find different words to name it.

<Question: ok, what’s the difference between them?>
[at Muratus’ request, the transcriptionist split the lecture at this point]

Last things discussed refer to types of magic, and it’s officially another lecture.

Modern-day magic, then.
Note that I will hold another lecture on this soon, so I won’t cover it all now.  Want a break, or me [to] move on?

[A break is called]

I will talk about magic in our days, but just a small, small part of this, because the subject is HUGE.
Magic was always combined with illusion for [the] best effect.  Just a small bit of true magic could be presented as a huge thing if used right.  In these days, magic is used under several “excuses”, people that use it present it as psychological effects, or as autosuggestion, or some celebrities [such] as David Blaine love to still pretend it’s all a trick… Because the church hunted down the very concept of magic, the word now can make a man be considered crazy, delusional, a fraud, or even trigger violent reactions from people.  Therefore, the uses of magic have been covered under other things.

Magic is actually no dark secret that you must find inside a mysterious place and learn some ancient language to use it…no way.  The hundreds of years of war against magic made it look so.  Why this war? Simple: the need of control and power by the church or any other religious power.  But that’s not the topic, so back to magic in modern days.

I will show you an example of such magic, but in a modern form; I hope this will make it more clear for you what magic really is, because if you stop thinking about magic as some sort of untouchable technique, you will see it’s everywhere around you.  Even a loving hug is magic; it protects you from curses.  [smile]

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  1.  Here i’ll share my toughts of “modern days magic”, and I want to clear at first: these toughts aren’t a criticism of the first five page – just pure fresh sight of magic itself.

    <Question>What’s the difference between Traditional and Modern Magic?

    <Answer> – The ONLY difference is the way we see it.

     For an example: As you could read on page four “magic is just the unknown”, page five says “everything is a form of magic”.

    <Question>If everything is a form of magic, how could it be unknown?

    <Answer> – In my opinion magic isn’t unknown, becouse we can tell several forms of it, only the borders of magic are unknown.

    <Question>What makes the borders unknown?

    <Answer> – There are two things makes them unknown.

    The first thing is hard to understand: that magic itself isn’t the thing we learned to be ‘good’.

     For an example: Whenever a child go to school, he/she will learn the ways of our life. Technically that you must be communicative (share your problems and the things you don’t understand with others,and don’t even try to think about it’s true or false on your own…), so to say he/she ‘have to be’ someone whose toughts are accepted by the community. If he/she isn’t became the one we accept (thinking in other ways than normal – i call this “Magical thinking”), then he/she is crazy, psychyc or just childish. There’s only one form that the community accepts as the kind of “Magical thinking”, we named it “belief”.

    <Interjection> I could have call it fear. That’s why most of us fear to be alone, and a fev more ugly things we ‘fear’ came from this kind of teaching of the whole community. It’s just sad… Anyways there was huge “thinkers” such as Einstein who was actually tought Magical, and he fought with the community to accept his toughts.

     Secondly we are asking the wrong questions or incorrect questions in incorrect sequence about the borders. Usually we ask firstly that: “Where they ends?”  But who could answer that question? Would be none.

     What if we ask: “If we say the borders are endless, then what makes the difference between all of the magical forms?”. Answer could be: US. The way we see this subject. I very much agree that magic isn’t parts of things we can name (like witchcraft, illusion, trick and so on…). Magic is a whole. Only we want to tare it to small pieces to understand it, becouse we don’t know a better way to understand things we dont know (witchcraft, illusion, trick is one and the same things).

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