Muratus Lecture II: Transposition

So, somehow you managed to lure me into holding an ad hoc lecture on Time. [smile] Now I got used to it and I will hold another one. At DarkPriestess’ suggestion, I will talk about the principles, one of them for today: Transposition and its possible uses.

Transposition is probably one of the easiest [principles] to find a use for. To talk about transposition, we must talk about things that can be transposed first. The use of transposition goes from magic to social situations or even war. None of the principles are limited to just one thing …that’s why they are principles …because they cover everything.

The magic use is probably the easiest and most fun to explain. Transposition: the definition is public on the site, [so] I won’t go into that. The uses…

<Question: will transposition be used in the lines of teleportation spells?>
That can be used, but remember lectures are not about game issues.

The most safe way on my side is to keep principles generally valid and not associate them with something, especially not with magic, because magic can be interpreted in wrong ways. The word itself, ‘magic’, causes unwanted discussions. But the fun part is when it comes to uses and the most fun uses are related to magic, and I will hold one day a lecture about what magic is because most of you don’t know…and if you think it’s hocus pocus, you just shut up and listen because you could not be more wrong.

The worst thing that happened to magic over the centuries was religion. [frown] But that’s another topic.

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