The True Aegis of The Weak

The Illusions: Agony & Glory

…Silver was ready for striking behind him, but after all, appeared strange because of something. Souloflight noticed another strangeness: the helpless hero – bound hand and foot – was already nowhere. But there were telltale signs. Souloflight noticed them: a sword, covered with blood, and some bloodstains on the ground beside it… He looked around having misgivings about this. Bob had disappeared likewise: only a trunk was left after him! At this time, Soul started having misgivings ever so much, because this whole situation looked so untrue arousing doubts in him.“You will not deceive me!”– Soul shouted it with anger. Then he pushed away Silver with big strength who fell on the ground. Suddenly, a bright flash blinded Soul for a moment, then after it he could see the reality around himself again. That was: the hesitating Kitsune, the stabbed Hero and the damaged Tree. Seeing no other guardians coming, Zleiphneir took a last resort to protect Bob and called on Sagewoman to support Silver. She came running just in time. Sagewoman summed up the situation quickly, then stood with her bended bow, ready to shoot. During that time, Zleiphneir went through frightening changes and a transformation happened on his body. He transformed into some kind of powerful beast. Soul didn’t know, whether this is real or just another illusion made by Silver, The Kitsune. Finally, he decided to avoid the clash with the scorpion-like warrior. At this time, the transformed guardian and Sagewoman started approaching towards Souloflight in order to overwhelm him. But then Souloflight muted Zleiphneir by casting a spell and fled vowing to return…

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