The True Aegis of The Weak

The Belated Transformation

…After the events, both Silver and Sage were confused. They looked at Zleiphneir wondering why a simple stabbing had thwarted any effort on his part to defend Bob from Soul’s aggression. Unable to speak, Zleiphneir could only try to gesture with his eyes at his predicament. Sage pulled the sword from him and defused the muting spell. The guardian could speak again. “I am indebted to you, Renard, for saving Bob and me from the certain death, concealing us for a short time. Your illusions were great and very useful ones…”– said Zleiphneir on a weak and slightly trembling sound. Next, he asked:“Sage, you know what you have to do now, don’t you?”. Sage nodded her head and knowing him well, she turned the dial on his arm. Zleiphneir transformed to phase one and cracked all the tendrils on him freeing himself from being unable to move. He then re-built himself, but seeing the deep wound that remained, he went deeper into his transformation. The dangerous schizophrenic nature of it took over releasing the mid-point between phases, a character that is neither beast, nor Zleiphneir’s usual self. In his form, full of lust and lack of care for anyone around him, he flipped onto the wall and released his arm from its binding steadying himself and roaring up the pathways waiting for Souloflight’s return… but it didn’t come. Sage somehow managed to reach Zleiphneir’s dial and twist it back. The black disappeared instantaneously form his body and he returned to form, falling to the ground, holding his chest and coughing up blood.“Don’t let my mystic blood to leak out…”– warned Zleiphneir the others –“Its power can’t be wasted!”“. Sage healed his wound, but a large scar was left, although to Zleiphneir, it is just another battle wound. The guardian dragged himself over to the wall and Sage called on Book wo flew ro her and she checked he was alright. Zleiphneir suddenly pointed… not vainly. Danger was lurking behind the wall…

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