Bob the Tree Returns to His Old Self

A Druidic Rite

Mr Mystery
Bob should return to the earth.

I suggest that the problem lies not with Bobby, but with the shades. If the evil priests and the fires from Way of Cleansing were to leave for some time, it might recover just like that. It would go back to leaning at the wall and watching.

In my works as a druid, I have dealt with this ritual.

Anyone may lead, and we who wish him healed will follow. Shemhazaj.

Shemhazaj nodded and sats in front of Bob

When I came to Loreroot, I met an ascended being. I asked him to teach me nature magic. He said he can introduce me to someone who is Nature. He opened a portal and took me to the World Tree. An ancient tree, his roots reach the center of the earth itself. There I got this small twig. Although cut a year ago, it’s still green and alive. Druzik, do you have a knife?

I have a dagger. Here.

Shemhazaj proceeded to cut the end of the twig and squeeze it till a few white drops fell on his palm. He gave the twig to Keida to hold and then cut his palm and let his blood mix with the World Tree resin.

Sasha, can you cut the bark of Bob?

sasha lilias
If it is ok with Zleiph…

Zleiphneir swallowed and nodded slightly, nervously.

This won’t hurt Bob, I promise… but make it a deep cut.

*Sagewoman* got agitated and her hand automatically went to her sword and rested on the hilt

As a Guardian of Bob, that makes me feel uncomfortable.

Me too, Sage.

I feel the same.

sasha lilias
(whispering) I’m sorry.

And with that, she sliced a chunk of bark from Bob. Shemhazaj began his mantra. He walked over to Bob and placed his hand on the cut. His mantra changed until it became one lasting sound. His skin became pale and dry; he began to shiver. The crowd stared in fear and anticipation, younger ones even whimpering. Some began to join the chant, its hum growing louder and louder. Then for a brief moment all of Shem’s skin appeared to turn to bark and he collapsed on the ground. The cut on Bob disappeared and the druid was drained of all energy from his effort. Some of the crowd ran to help him, transferring their own vitality to him. Still nothing.

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