Nelya Setesh

Nelya Setesh is best known for her role playing. Always in-character and very consistent, she loved the lore of Loreroot and based her role off it. A daughter of nymphs, a healer, and protector of Loreroot, she was the first Lorerootian. With her popularity and role, she founded the Guardians of the Root and greatly influenced the land and the way people see it. More of her personality and role can be seen in the adventure log stories “The Inner Sun” and “The Shade Balance”.

Her respected role play and popularity landed her a role as the first role playing RPC.  At the time, the majority of the players simple fought each other for stats. She led the way for the role playing RPCs. As an RPC, she was known to have notoriously difficult quests.

While Nelya Setesh was always a little reclusive, she ventured into public less and less toward the end of her days in MagicDuel until she was no longer seen. She’ll always be remembered for her initiative that brought change to her chosen land and her consistent and clearly defined role.

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