Eden was a quiet character that passed through the Realm of MagicDuel and quietly disappeared. The memories of his existence are now ancient lore.
Not known for his loquaciousness, Eden mostly kept to himself. His character was only known to his friends. To the rest, he was a restless beast tamer. Over time, he acquired and trained many creatures of the land and constantly sought new creatures to add to his collection. His skill and knowledge of the creatures eventually led him to becoming a creature tester, working with Muratus del Mur to develop and bring in new ones.

Eden’s intense training and development of his creatures eventually paid off. Sacrificing some of his tamed beasts, he elevated his statistics to immense numbers. They even surpassed the statistics of Wodin. Eden quickly became a feared warrior. This increase shocked the community and spurred others to attempt to match his results, inspiring them by serving as example: they, too, could become great warriors through vigorous training. Though he had great statistics, they were not enough to defeat Wodin, who had greater knowledge of the rituals of battle.
After this, he joined the Loreroot Alliance as one of the protectors of the land. Eden’s contribution is hard to determine, as only the land of Loreroot can speak for it, since many who worked with him have also left.

Eden disappeared for mysterious reasons. His status is unknown: he may have quietly passed away, been taken by the creatures he always sought to tame, or ventured into unknown lands in search of even greater beasts and roams there to this day. Regardless, he is quietly remembered for his achievements.

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