Hunting of the Fair Lady

Once upon a time, there was a Prince and a Fair Lady who were deeply in love with each other. She was the youngest member of a society of women. As such, she had to prove her dedication to that society by giving some of their guardians a smooch. She did as she was asked, carefully smooching the men’s cheeks so as not to upset her love. Even so, he was horrified with her behavior.

She felt the Prince become more and more distant, less and less present until one day, he left for a long journey. He was supposed to visit some places as part of his duty as a Prince but he left her without a goodbye. As she felt him backing away from her, she thought he didn’t love her anymore and she ran away, crying in despair.

Farther and farther she ran, her eyes blind with tears, caring not where she wandered.  She visited dark places and still she fled, soreness seeping through her bones. One fateful day, her path led her to the guarded entry of Loreroot. The Prince used to take her to the wild lands of Loreroot in the days when their love was strong. As she believed that love was dead, she threw herself at the guardians, hoping to die in her attempt to pass the gate.

Meanwhile, the Prince had been told by faithful friends of the Fair Lady’s desperate fate. Remorse filled his heart and he dedicated himself to finding her. Farther and farther he went, almost killing his black stallion by riding day and night. Remembrances of his travels in Loreroot with his fair love led him to the entrance of the wild land.

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