Hunting of the Fair Lady

As he came by Maple Road, he saw a body lying on the ground.  He forced his black horse forward, his heart sinking as he made out the long, fair hair that fluttered in the warm breeze.  The mighty Guardians of Loreroot had been contented with kicking her unworthy ass once again, and the Prince found her so, half-collapsed at the guardians’ feet. He carefully pulled her to his chest, patting her as she cried against his shoulder. His shirt was soon damp and finally her sobs eased but she clutched him as if her life depended on it. (Which it did, really.) He lifted her in his strong arms, helping her up to his gelding and took her to their home, where she finally fell asleep.

Never did she ever let go of him, holding him even in her deepest sleep and he was happy to let her, and he clutched her even more fiercely. I don’t know if they ever had children, but as you probably guessed, they lived happily ever after and nothing ever parted them again.

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