STF was most widely known for his age. He was one of the first players of MagicDuel and kept playing it for an incredibly long period of time. Why he left is unknown. Theories include that he realized all of his friends had left, that he got bored, or perhaps even that his out-of-realm activities grew too tough to juggle. Although STF played for such a long time, in his later days he was inactive, spending most of his time at Willow’s Shop, lazily fighting and barely ever talking. It was because of this that when he announced publicly at Willow’s that he was leaving, very few people made a large fuss because most in the crowd had no idea who he was.

In the early days, STF was simply an addict. He spent a lot of time on MD, once even spending a week straight on MD to prove that you did not get loyalty points for doing so. As was most everyone was in the early days of MD, STF was a fighter, working along such combat greats as Big C, Actraiser, ugauga, and deetn.

STF was also featured in the Golemus Wizard challenge in the Adventure Log. He was sent on a mission by the shades to attack the Wizard, but when he tried to do so, he disappeared into a dream. In this dream, he met Morpheus, who asked him the riddle, “So close but yet so far, one’s fear is the other one’s war.” With the help of other players, he solved this riddle (the answer being “death”), and lived to tell the tale. From that point forth, STF had a special connection with Morpheus, the two becoming closely bonded, and at a later point it was suggested that STF even had control of Morpheus.

STF was one of the first protectors when MP6 came out, and was known as a great protector.

Whether you see STF as an addict, a combat master, or an artist, he was a prominent figure in MD’s history, and it is a shame he was so soon forgotten. Let this memorial serve to ensure that he is never forgotten again should he return.

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