Look Before You Leap

I, Fawe, share a story this 200th day, that happened in Raven’s Hold long ago. T’will be a tale in which you surely learn to look before you leap.

Hands trembling, she inches closer and closer to the edge, orb in hand. “What is to become of me?” she thought. She lifts finger after sweating finger, still uncertain of the consequences that lie ahead of her, awaiting, anticipating.  As she was thinking, the orb seemed to have sensed its impending doom, and heated itself at an alarming rate. She dropped it out of surprise, and the orb fell, nearing the surface of the silent water. But just as it was to meet the water’s surface, it cracked open, sending out a strong white light. A deafening shriek followed soon after, and then it was submerged in the unfathomable deep. The tension released, the woman sighed, relieved, looked around quickly, and ran for her life. She felt as if she had changed history. She did, of course.

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