The Oldest Game: Ledah versus The Guardians

“ I am an elephant on roller-skates, beat that!” he spouted off confidently. “I am a mouse on a bicycle coming up from behind” Zleiph laughed his head off at Artelan’s response, his actions only further spurring Ledah. “ I am a cat, eating you up!” “ I am a dog, chasing you to hell” “ I am a devil, poking you with my pitchfork!” Zleiph’s laughter continued to ring out. “I am Jesus, forgiver of sins, forgiving you.” I am God, disowning you as my son and robbing your powers from you!” “ I am the people of your faith leaving you” “I am Buddha, gladly welcoming you!” “I am death, welcoming you into the next life” “I am reborn, Death sucks!” Ledah spouted off with quite the bit of emotion. “I am sickness and weakness, and your life is a living hell.” “I am advancements in medical technology, banishing you from the world!” “I am multi-resistant strains of bacteria, ignoring your medicine” “I am researching medicines. Wait there… I am scared, please don’t infect me” Ledah pleaded. “I am old age and decay, you were too slow” “I am still Alive! Continuing the race!” “I am infertility, ending your race.” “ I am IVF! Saving us!” Zleiph rolled around on the ground, laughing hysterically “ …and I’m dying of laughter!” Ledah looked at him “I am Life, saving Zlei! Hurry!” “I am Armageddon, a meteor coming down on your planet” “I am the secret shields I didn’t tell you about, saving us.” Ledah grinned. “I am human error, a failing miscalculation in your shields.” Ledah swiftly raised one arm into the air “I am Superman! I will destroy the meteor! And here comes Wolverine!” “I am Magneto, controller of metal” Ledah zoomed around Tree “Superman! Go Go GO!!!” “I am kryptonite, your weakness.” Ledah stopped in his tracks, eyes wide. “Not Kryptonite, NO!!! I am Spock, and my crew from a time warp!” “I am the Borg fleet.” “I am refugees running for it” Ledah sprinted around again. “I am a refugee camp, full of refugees and sickness, awaiting a never ending war” “I am human emotion, pitying and helping each other” “ I am human greed and corruption, taking the help away.” “I am Satan, dragging sinners to hell” Zleiph scratched his head, and continued to watch. Artelan smiled a bit. “I am Atheism” Ledah looked at Arte and cried out “No! Not atheism! I am a Jehovah’s witness, knocking on your door So much, you convert, believe, and the world blows up!” Artelan grinned again. “I am scientology, richer than you… and we own Tom Cruise.” Ledah looked dumbstruck. “I surrender, I mean… come on, you have Tom Cruise…” Zleiph fell about laughing hysterically. Ledah shook his head “this is the day you converted me to a Bob Neutral.” Realizing what came out of his mouth, Ledah hurried away, hoping Zleiph had not heard it.

Arte turned to Zleiph “Were you paying attention?” Zleiph nodded with a wide grin, “Oh yes, I can dredge it back up if I need to.” Arte leaned back against the wall “so, what do you think?” Zleiph grinned and rubbed his chin absent-mindedly “I think it’s excellent… most excellent indeed..” Arte smiled and patted Zleiph on the shoulder “You weren’t that bad” Zleiph laughed “not that bad? I said but one sentence and was crushed like a small flea…. A bouncy flea, but still… a flea.” Arte quickly corrected him, slightly bemused “Two sentences” Zleiph laughed “the second being… That was quick?” They both laughed. And so ended another round of the Oldest Game.

Guardians of Tree 2; Ledah 1.

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