A Quick Game of MagicDuel Trivial Pursuit

It was a day much like any other. I sat with Tree and relaxed happily when who should pop up but my old friend Ledah. When I say “friend” let me be blunt, I am being sarcastic. In any event, Ledah wasn’t harming Tree so I did nothing to harm him. It was a quiet day in the realm, as it had been for much time now, hours drew long and activity was missing. Ledah suggested we play a game, a game we had played a number of times before and no doubt will again, a famous game, a game called “MD Trivial Pursuit”. Yes, that’s right, none of this clever quizzing for rewards. No, the real mettle of a person in MD can be measured by a good game of MD Trivial pursuit and so we rolled.

“I bagsie Green,” I said grabbing the green marker. “What colour do you want Ledah? Pink?” Ledah frowned and stole away the black marker indignantly. “Ok, who else is playing?” yelled Ledah. We awaited the response of Intrigue, who sat silently next to us, but she politely declined. Then Kafuuka came wandering by, greeting all and decided to have a seat and play along after a bit of coercion from our fine enemy puppet. “What colour will you be Kafuuka?” I questioned. “Bordeaux,” he replied with his usual deadpan expression. I chuckled, “Red it is!” and tossed the little marker in Kafuuka’s general direction.

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