A Quick Game of MagicDuel Trivial Pursuit

When he finally came out of his trance, which I can only assume was a vision of cookies, he said, “Oh, it’s butter, flour, salt, sugar and an egg yolk, no milk and definitely no sand.”
“But, but… that just sounds like a normal cookie!” I protested.
“No it doesn’t! The egg is from a winderwild!” retorted Ledah. Intrigue shook her head.
“So where does the sand come in then?”
“It’s a trick question: no sand!” Kafuuka said triumphantly with a big grin. “No milk makes it dry and sand-like.”
“Cheat!” I bellowed. Intrigue sighed and shook her head.
“I declare this debate open!” yelled Ledah.
“I wanna see this sand cookie,” Intrigue stated, holding out her hand.
“How can I cheat when I was never told the rules?” demanded Kafuuka with a deep-set frown wrinkling his brow. Ledah turned around and slapped Kafuuka across the chops. With slight shock, and eyes squinted, he exclaimed, “And they say the games in my old realm are violent.”
“This isn’t violent…Brutal maybe…” answered Ledah before getting up and kicking Bob. “Gotta run!”
Intrigue beat him over the head with her satchel in response.
“Keep that up and I’ll make you eat real sand-cookies!” I bellowed after him.
“How dishonourable. A hit and run.” remarked a hand-print faced Kafuuka.

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