A Quick Game of MagicDuel Trivial Pursuit

“Right then, your roll, Ledah.” The puppet obliged and rolled a 5.
“History, Geography or Lore?” I questioned. Ledah pondered a while and asked for Lore. “What are frogs you can find in the lands of Magic Duel?” Ledah looked puzzled a minute and then a flash of inspiration.
“A poisoned arrow frog, a noisy toad and….Je Suis Oeufs Fous!” he replied excitedly.  This refers to a previous incident where said person was turned into a frog called Je the Green.
I raised my eyebrow “…erm….no, the answer is a Quack Toad, A Ribbit frog and a Green frog.”
“Noooo!” Ledah exclaimed before tossing the dice to Kafuuka.  As he did so, Assira the Black crept past and silently sat down to watch the goings on without a word. Kafuuka rolled a 2 and Ledah swiftly asked, “What are the average expenses of UK politicians?”
Kafuuka looked rather puzzled, “Huh?”
Ledah simply grinned stupidly, but unfortunately, no one else knew what in the world he was talking about or even what a UK was.

“Join us Assira?” I asked without looking up, and she shuffled over and rolled the dice. With a cheeky grin, Ledah chucked the pink marker at her as she did so. “A 2, I believe the honour is yours, cookie boy,” I said throwing some grass at Kafuuka.
He ignored me, “Math, Cookies, or Ancient Literature” he said. When she responded with “Cookies,” I groaned and dragged a hand down my face. My lack of affinity for cookies was well known and a giggle came from Intrigue’s direction.
“What are the ingredients for sand cookies?” asked Kafuuka with a wry smile.
“Umm…Sand, milk, and eggs?” Kafuuka shook his head and then paused for what seemed like an eternity.

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