A Quick Game of MagicDuel Trivial Pursuit

I angrily threw the dice to take my turn, rolling a 5. “I hate that puppet.”
“It’s not the puppet but the puppeteer who’s at fault,” said a wise Kafuuka.
“I still hate the puppet, I don’t care if that is foolish, consider me but a fool.”
Assira broke the discussion with her question, “People, Places, or Items?” I scratched the stubble on my face in thought on the matter and chose Places. “Name the place where people come to hang out and can go just about anywhere with the right sequences of letters.”
“It’s a step to the left: Gazebo of Equilibrium.” I grinned, proud I had the question right while hoping my reward wasn’t a slap from Ledah. Instead, Intrigue shoved a flower behind my ear. After Kafuuka made his next move and chose History as his topic, I asked, “What man is only half what he once was due to his journeys; also known as the Ferry Man?” to which Intrigue’s hand shot up in the air and she waved it about. I found this most amusing seeing as she wasn’t playing.
Kafuuka considered the question. “Gah, names… It was Simply-Some-Number, wasn’t it? Simply pie?”
“Pie isn’t a number; it’s food!” Intrigue blurted out.
Assira slipped away, saying her goodbyes to all as Kafuuka gave a short lesson on Mathematics. “Then what is the formula for the surface of a circle in function of its radius?”
“That’s the thingymo with the weird numbers and diameters and radial stuffs,” she responded and Kafuuka let out a somewhat exasperated sigh. I had suggested the answer was paper plus scissors, but a passing Pipstickz had retorted with rock. Call me a rock! How rude! Me? A rock? Pah! I mean I may have a head made of lead but…wait…what was my point?

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