The Tale of Gauge Quack

They day grew on… many ideas were passed about and dismissed, either because they were near impossible, or because they had the chance of causing more harm then good. As time passed, I grew tired and decided to return to my hammock in the forest for a while as they continued to discuss matters. While I rested, Gauge took it upon himself to wander the lands, looking for help, ever cautious of the trampling feet of the crowds, and made his way into Loreroot.

His small body entered the door of the Pub located there, and he greeted those within with a hearty “Quack!” Sagewoman turned; a look of surprise evident on her face as she asked “What on MD is THAT?” Flamewarrior, only listening while occupied with other things, assumed there was a duck in the room, and tried to communicate back “AFLACK!” Phantasm, knowing a little of what had happened earlier that day, told Sagewoman and Calyx of how Zleiph had turned Gauge into a quack frog.

Gauge nodded his little frog head in agreement and hopped over to Calyx. “Quack quack quaaaack?” Sage thought on the matter at hand for a moment, then turned to Calyx, “This may take both of us, poison is not an easy thing to cure.” Sagewoman attempted to communicate with Gauge, but her duck was a bit rusty, and she ended up sounding more like a Canadian goose then a duck, let alone a quack frog. Somehow, Calyx and Sagewoman managed to understand the seriousness of the situation. Flamewarrior offered his assistance and held up a small vial of Phoenix tears.

Calyx thought for a moment before speaking again and turned to Sage “Well, I figure, between Earth Mother, Isis, you, me, Siala’s herbs, and Flame’s alchemy, we can beat the dart frog poison… as a matter of fact, it almost sounds like overkill!”

Calyx quickly gathered the necessary herbs for a compress to counter the alkaloid poison and looked at Gauge. “Show me where the poison touched you”. Gauge looked at Calyx and tried to roll over onto his back, quite a feat for a frog, considering frogs are rarely if ever found on their backs, and tried to point at his midsection with his tiny front frog legs. Calyx dressed the area with the compress and turned to Sage. “Let’s get out our sage and cedar and smudge him thoroughly”

Sage, preoccupied with healing Phantasm, protested. “Calyx, I only have enough to heal one…Spook here is my priority” Calyx nodded, “will you lend your support then?” Phantasm shook his head and turned to Sage “I’m fine Woman, as long as you’re strong enough to take care of the frog.” Phantasm held his wounded chest and looked down at Gauge, an unseen smile in his voice “It’s alright little fella, they will help you out”

Satisfied with the conversation, Calyx turned to Flamewarrior “tell me about those Phoenix tears, I feel urged to use them.”

“Phoenix tears can cure the most lethal of poisons, even basilisk venom” Flame opened the vial and added two drops to the compress.

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