The Tale of Gauge Quack

Windy, exhausted from the invocation, stood limply against Flamewarrior “I feel drained, anyone got some chocolate?” Flamewarrior smiled and held up a chocolate bar. “Ooh…Chocolate!” Calyx leaned back into a chair “Flame, got one of those for me? I am drained!” Flame nodded, the smile still upon his face and handed another to Calyx and Sage.

Calyx turned to the others “Thank you all for assisting in this healing, the next 24 hours will see the remaining effects vanish… T’would have been simpler had we gotten to him sooner..”

Windy peeled back the paper covering the bar of chocolate and took a huge bite “Mmmmm… So… who poisoned Gauge?”

“Ledah” Gauge answered quietly, still exhausted from the transformation.

“Who Zleiph also turned into a frog” Phantasm added.

Calyx spoke matter of factly, “A dart frog, nasty alkaloid poison passed through direct contact… Plus the additional effects that had to be stopped…”

“Ledah!” Windy suddenly spoke up “So that’s why he wanted to trade his Magic Documents for a Vial of Poison!”

Gauge spent the next few days recovering from the exhaustion, but it is said that there is the occasional hop in his strides, a rumor of a quack being heard where ever he passed, and quite often he is still seen at Willows walk. Perhaps he only returns there to reminisce the time passed when his existence is not as it is now, or is it because he acquired a taste for the insects of the area? Was the transformation truly a complete success? Or is there still a bit of Quack frog lingering within Gauge, unseen by the eye?

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