The Origins of the Aramors and of Hallowed Zenith

The Aramors indeed exist neither by the means of a Soul, as we understand the Soul or Core, neither by just Magic, or at least what we perceive by that concept as well. While being forged by the then very young Jack Willow, these suits of armor gained a Spark of their own, a more primal and rugged Spark that was unique in its own design. The Spark spread all throughout the suit of armor making every scale and every link exist.

Thus, the Aramors all came to exist, not one by one, not by a hundred but in just one heartbeat and one thought, through the Talent and Passion of the child Jack Willow. They silently built a home for themselves, in a place where they could aid all and bother none. And ever since that Era, there they wait to be given a reason for their existence.

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