The Origins of the Aramors and of Hallowed Zenith

But this story of genesis was merely a prologue to a tale of just one Aramor, a tale of One sole Spark: the first Aramor that had not only existence, but thought and Passion of its own as well. This tale is about the `life` of the Aramor that would be known as Hallowed Zenith. Although the name might appear to be religious, Hallowed Zenith did not serve the purpose of deities. This Aramor gained his name instead by simply falling through the sky.

Zenith`s past and means of how and why he truly got to be `falling from the Sun` to the Realm will forever remain unknown.

It is said that an Aramor fell through the skies and crashed to the ground but what rose from that place was no longer an Aramor. The Aramor had died and something else had come to a new life and as it did so, the memories of his former existence shattered into pieces and faded away. The tale speaks of his `fortuned arrival` for, as he plummeted to the ground, he did not land just anywhere within the Realm. He instead crashed upon the tallest and highest point, the mountain Capitol of the island Golemus Golemicarum. Even more interesting of a fact is that his coming to the Realm had not only been foreseen by the great diviners of the mountain but was also greatly needed by all.

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