The Origins of the Aramors and of Hallowed Zenith

This was the moment the necromancer had waited for. Without hesitation, he seized the Spark and pushed it back into the decaying fragments. This action was no transformation, transmutation or necromantic ritual and, even though there was no law to dictate the success of the necromancer`s experiment, he succeeded. The ash along with the decaying fragments united around the Spark and slowly began to turn to flesh. And once the dead suit of armor became a Human body, its hollowness was filled by blood and bone. It is in this point in Time, that an Aramor was for the first time Destroyed, and in its place a Human was Created. Hallowed Zenith had gained a Human Soul and with it, the Human Spirit. He could think. He could feel. He could learn.

The necromancer wanted his `child` to become his apprentice over time but it was proved trial after trial that Zenith did not have the talents of necromancy. However, those who are now long dead remember him to their dying breaths not as a failed apprentice but as a hero.

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