The Origins of the Aramors and of Hallowed Zenith

He was a wanderer at first, after being shunned by Jillayan. He came to live at the Paper Cabin and he told me of his odd and interesting background. Nobody knew what he had been and done before being Hallowed Zenith but they all knew what great deeds he performed during his Era. Many of those deeds are now forgotten but I still remember them all.

He had been the only one of that Era, and many Eras after, except the Three Kings of Kelle’tha to ride a Drachorn into battle while leading an army of Imperial Aramors into the First War against Necrovion.

His still inhuman appearance had allowed him to infiltrate DeathMarrow numerous times and he singlehandedly battled against dozens of Shades inside the Heart of Necrovion and then made it out back into the Realm, alive and sane.

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