The Origins of the Aramors and of Hallowed Zenith

As the Aramor falls to the ground, the story moves on to another forgotten character, Jillayan, a man who was not a wizard or sorcerer or warlock or healer or illusionist or witch. Jillayan had somewhat more profound professions. He was a necromancer and also an architect. Out of all his designs only one structure remains: the one that during his life served as his home, the Ivory Tower.

Jillayan, just like the rest of the island was told of the Aramor`s coming beforehand and he desired nothing more than to use its body and craft from it a Creation of his own, one that, in difference to all his other, would not be made out of life or death. And that is in fact, how Hallowed Zenith was born.

The Aramor crashed and shattered. Its Spark, in order to continue to exist, forcibly seeped out of the Aramor fragments and reunited itself into one essence. Immediately the fragments of lifeless armor began to dissipate and turn to magical ash.

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