Gabriel Wind: A King’s Tale

Chapter II: As It Would Happen…
According to lore, Marind was a very beautiful young adolescent and also Wind’s true love. However, soon after Gabriel Wind and Daniel Raven started their battles for territory, she was never heard from again. Raven’s code of ethics and morals never made him a suspect in Wind’s eyes, although the latter fought all the battles in her honor. Nothing more is known about Marind to date.

After his last great battle with Daniel Raven, which ended as a stalemate for the two, they came to a common agreement and split the Chaos Woods in almost two equal parts. Raven’s Western half is now known as Loreroot and has suffered only minor alterations in time.

Thus, Gabriel Wind finally had the territory in which he would build a Stronghold for his Berserkers. He had planned to cut down most part of the forest and build the strongest castle possible. Wind’s Gate was part of the original design and the contrast between it and the rest of the park’s fence and overall architecture is obvious.

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