Gabriel Wind: A King’s Tale

Chapter III: The Park
However, it is said that he had a vision in which Marind appeared to him and begged him to never fight again and to use his territory “as a safe haven for all those of kind hearts who needed a home”. Gabriel did as he was asked and changed the plans in order to create a park. Surprisingly, the Berserkers, men and women who never knew peace, agreed and supported their leader unanimously.

While creating the park, Wind also befriended the Angiens, majestic creatures who were enchanted by his new ideas of peace and order. The Angiens swore eternal allegiance to “all true hearts such as his” and aided Wind in transforming the Woods into a park. The Capitol, Wind’s Sanctuary, was entirely built by them, as a gift for Gabriel. With such a long building force by his side, Wind finished the construction of his park in no time.

After the last marble dale was set in place, the park was named Marind’s Bell and Gabriel Wind, the once courageous warrior, spent the rest of his life as King, dealing only with economical matters. Necrovion was still licking its severe wounds and did not represent a threat for a very large period of time. Nevertheless, Wind aided Raven economically in any way he found possible, as Loreroot was in construction and at war with Golemus Golemicarum, but he did not interfere directly in the war.

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